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Atlanta boys are getting ready for GLORY 12!

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We’ve got the exclusive on three HOT fighters competing on the Glory 12 card in New York on November 23rd! After a day of training and sparring together, Atlanta’s own Eddie “SHOWTIME” Walker, Warren Thompson & Wayne Barrett sat down and answered a few questions!

Q: Eddie, this is your big comeback from your last Glory fight earlier this year: What can we look forward to seeing? Walker:

A: You can look forward to seeing a good action packed fight. I’m excited to finally step back in the ring after such a long break.

Q: What benefits will you have now that you dropped from the middleweight to welterweight division? Walker:

A: I don’t have to worry about guys twice my size beating on me for 3 rounds anymore. Now they are all my size, so I’m hoping it doesn’t hurt as bad!

Q: Any cons? Walker:

A: Just cutting the weight. I actually have to focus a lot more on my dieting than I would before.

Q: What do you know about your opponent Francois Ambang? Walker:

A: Nothing much really. He looks to be a powerful opponent that has an aggressive style. He definitely comes to fight, which is why I think this is going to be a great fight for the fans.

Q: Do you have any predictions

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for your upcoming fight in New York?


A: Same as always. I don’t like my fights going to the judges, so either he is going to finish me or I’m going to finish him.

Q: After training with Wayne and Warren today, what your thoughts about them as fighters?

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What do you see happening with their bouts at Glory 12?


A: Wayne is a very talented fighter! Underestimating him is the last thing you want to do. I can see him with his hand raised at the end of the night against Joe. Warren is as about as tough as you can get with great technique! He hits like a truck and laughs at you when you hit him with your best shot! I’m looking forward to watchingboth of their fights that night!

Q: Anything you want to say to your fans? Walker:

A: Just want to thank everyone for their support and please tune in to Spike TV on November 23rd to watch the most elite Kickboxers in the world throw down for your entertainment! It’s going to be an amazing night of fights!


Q: Warren, this will be your debut with Glory, what are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming fight? Thompson:

A: Hey buddy, yea I’m excited to just come out and show my heart and fight period. Biggest stage in the world I’m ready!!

Q: Recently you fought as a contender in the Enfusion 2013 Heavyweight Reality Tournament in Thailand. Tell us about that experience and how you think this prepared you for fighting with Glory? Thompson:

A: Enfusion was a blast, when I say time of my life I mean it. Wow explains it best lol. Alot of good talent there and I showed I can hang with the big boys.

Q: What do you know about your opponent Brian Collette? Thompson:

A: I don’t know much at all about Collette. I hear good things he is very skilled. Will be a great test to prove I am a top contender in the sport.

Q: Any predictions for your fight? Thompson:

A: Oh I predict I win! I want to punish him. If a KO comes so be it. I want to hit and be hit. I’m here to fight, the uglier I look on the plane ride home the sweeter the victory!

Q: After training with Eddie and Wayne today, what your thoughts about them as fighters? What do you see happening with their bouts at Glory 12? Thompson:

A: Eddie looks skinny lol he is going down in a weight class, looking forward to see how he does. Im sure he will win as usual and has great kicks and sweeps. Wayne is just a freak with his skill and angles there is only one Wayne Barrett walking on this earth you can’t prepare for a guy like him.

Q: Anything you want to say to your fans? Thompson:

A: I don’t have too much to say. I’m prepared to have fun and be my crazy self and drink lots of beers after J Thank you for the support!


Q: Wayne, how does it feel to be headlining the world’s top kickboxing promotions’ next event on the largest stage in the world in November? Barrett:

A: Feels great to be fighting again for Glory. This is my third show and its in NYC. I’m excited as I always am before a fight. It’s an honor and I’m living my dream!

Q: Your opponent, Joe Schilling competed at Glory 10 in LA and took home the middleweight title. Is that belt and title on the line for your bout? Barrett:

A: I’m not sure

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to be honest. I’m a fighter that only focuses on his opponent. I don’t need to know much else. I just want to win and look like a professional, belt or not. But I truly don’t know.

Q: What would you say are your biggest strengths and weaknesses going into this fight against Schilling? Barrett:

A: My strengths are my movement, speed, defense, creativity in the ring and most important my ability to adapt in a fight. I think I have alot to improve on and I’m not blind to my faults but I’m working on them everyday.

Q: What would you say are Schilling’s biggest strengths and weaknesses going into this flight? Barrett:

A: Joe actually is not a bad fighter. I think his strengths are his elbows, right push kick, left head kick, and clinch knee. All things I’m ready for. He has a few weaknesses that in don’t want to say right now but after seeing him live I got a chance to see holes and if he fixes them ill create my own openings.

Q: Any predictions for your fight Barrett:

A: It’s a fight, anything can happen, but I’m ready! I’ve done my homework, I’m still doing it up until the fight and I was ready to fight him and anyone of the guys in the tournament 3 weeks ago and I still am now. So, God willing, it will be my night!

Q: After training with Eddie and Warren today, what your thoughts about them as fighters? What do you see happening with their bouts at Glory 12? Barrett:

A: Eddie and Warren are good guys and I’ve known them a long time. Eddie is a beast and he looks good just want to make sure the weight cut is not difficult for him. Going into a new weight class has to be done right so he can bring his aggression and strength. Warren looks good, hands look good and he is fired up for the chance! He is a slick guy for a heavy weight. Both will do fine as long as they do what they know they can do that night.

Q: Anything you want to say to your fans? Barrett:

A: I just want to say to everyone, fan or not, that this journey has taught me that when you chase your hearts desire things fall into place. Separate yourself from people that hold you back and don’t be afraid to stand on your own. Live life how you want to not how anyone else tells you. You will know when you’re doing it right when others that are not following their dreams dislike you for your efforts. I’m not Mr. Perfect, but through fighting I’m understanding life. Thank you and follow YOUR real dream.

Well said Mr. Barrett! We wish Wayne safe travels back to NY today and much love and support for all 3 amazing fighters on their journey back in the ring.

Make sure you come out to support all the fighters of Glory 12 at Madison Square Garden in New York on November 23rd! CLICK HERE for tickets.

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